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Email Writing Trainee Kit

Email Writing Trainee Kit

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This class will help you quickly create reader-friendly email messages that get results. You’ll gain practical tools for writing emails that inform, persuade, and break bad news. You’ll discover how to create a positive and professional tone that ensures readers will understand and respond to your messages. And you’ll learn how to avoid email pitfalls that can lead to wasted time and misunderstandings. Use the tools and strategies from this course to write messages that succeed the first time, without constant follow-up and clarification.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Quickly create clear, concise messages that get results
  • Use best practices of email writing
  • Avoid email pitfalls
  • Analyze the purpose, reader, and context of each email you send
  • Create effective subject lines
  • Use appropriate greetings and closings
  • Write focused and purposeful messages
  • Write clear, well-organized explanations and instructions
  • Write compelling messages that persuade readers to act
  • Use a positive, professional voice in every email you send

This course includes:

  • Meyer, V., Sebranek, P., & Van Rys, J. (2013). Business Email Writing (Participant Guide). Burlington, WI: UpWrite Press.
  • Meyer, V., Sebranek, P., & Van Rys, J. (2007). Writing Effective E-Mail (Handbook). Burlington, WI: UpWrite Press.
  • Meyer, V., Sebranek, P., & Van Rys, J. (2013). Email Writing (Job Aid). Burlington, WI: UpWrite Press.
Email Writing Trainee Kit