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Problem-Solving Trainer Kit

Problem-Solving Trainer Kit

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This class will help you solve problems in your workplace. You’ll gain practical tools for defining problems and innovating solutions. You’ll also learn problemsolving strategies used by managers, analysts, engineers, facilitators, designers, and scientists. This course helps you understand how to solve problems by yourself and in workgroups.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand how to solve problems on the job.
  • Use practical strategies for defining workplace problems.
  • Analyze causes and effects of problems.
  • Use tools for brainstorming practical solutions at work.
  • Use thought-tools to evaluate solutions and discover ways to improve them.
  • Implement and monitor workplace solutions effectively.
  • Use problem-solving strategies drawn from design and science.
  • Use decision-making strategies individually and on teams.

This course includes:

  • King, R., Erickson, C., & Sebranek, J. (2012). Problem Solving (Instructor Guide).
  • King, R., Erickson, C., & Sebranek, J. (2012). Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (Job Aid).
  • King, R., Erickson, C., & Sebranek, J. (2012). Problem Solving (PowerPoint).
Problem-Solving Trainer Kit