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Business-Writing Trainer Kit

Business-Writing Trainer Kit

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This class will help you discover what’s working and what could be improved in any piece of writing. If writing is a challenge for you, Business Writing will help you improve your abilities and confidence. If you feel comfortable writing, this course will hone your skills even further!

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand and use the seven traits of effective writing
  • Use an easy, four-step process to draft effective documents
  • Analyze each writing situation
  • Develop a clear main point and support it effectively
  • Use an effective three-part structure, organizing messages to succeed
  • Use different patterns of organization depending on the purpose of the message
  • Use a writing voice that fits your subject, audience, and purpose
  • Use fresh, precise words and get rid of wordiness
  • Write active sentences with parallel construction
  • Avoid common errors and unclear wording
  • Create an effective design and use graphics to make your point
  • Create email messages that communicate clearly

This course includes:

  • King, R., Erickson, C., & Sebranek, J. (2012). Business Writing (Instructor Guide).
  • King, R., Erickson, C., & Sebranek, J. (2012). Business Writing (Job Aid).
  • Meyer, V., Sebranek, P., & Van Rys, J. (2010). Write for Business (Handbook).
  • King, R., Erickson, C., & Sebranek, J. (2012). Business Writing (PowerPoint).
Business-Writing Trainer Kit