Technical Writing 1080WRITB (1D)

Technical Writing will sharpen your technical writing ability, which will make you more efficient and effective on the job. You’ll learn how to use the seven traits of writing, analyze each writing situation, and create effective technical documents that connect with your audience. This course helps you develop a professional writing voice and organize documents for clarity of communication. You’ll also learn to eliminate errors in your writing.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Use the seven traits of writing to diagnose problems and apply solutions
  • Analyze each writing situation to create effective documents
  • Organize messages to suit each writing situation
  • Write messages that connect to the audience
  • Use a writing voice that is positive, professional, and confident
  • Organize paragraphs for clarity, unity, and coherence
  • Create concise, correct, and clear sentences
  • Avoid the most common grammatical errors
  • Analyze every technical writing situation
  • Produce effective procedures and science plans


The course contains the following lessons:

  • Understanding the Seven Traits of Writing
  • Analyzing the Situation
  • Using Appropriate Voice
  • Creating Procedures
  • Using Three-­‐Part Structure
  • Using Organizing Structures
  • Using Order and Transitions
  • Technical Writing
  • Creating Graphics
  • Energizing Your Sentences
  • Writing Tight, Parallel Sentences
  • Correcting Unclear Wording and Removing Jargon
  • Removing Deadwood and Redundancy
  • Creating Scientific Plans
  • Making Subjects and Verbs Agree
  • Making Pronouns and Antecedents Agree
  • Correcting Comma Errors
  • Reviewing Usage