Traits for Trainers

The seven traits of effective writing can help you in many ways.

How will the traits help me gain and train clients?

The Seven Traits

  1. Strong Ideas
  2. Logical Organization
  3. Appropriate Voice
  4. Precise Word Choice
  5. Smooth Sentences
  6. Correct Copy
  7. Professional Design

The seven traits of writing help you gain and train clients by providing the following:

1 For the Money

For short in-service trainings, focus on one trait and practice two or three appropriate strategies. Gather the manuals afterward and hand them out again for future sessions.

2 For the Show

For a half-day event, introduce the traits (pages 4–5). Then focus on two problem traits and practice five or six strategies. Encourage attendees to examine the Business-Writing Manual and use it for self-study.

3 To Get Ready

For a longer session,

4 To Go

For a full-day event, present the introductory material on pages 1–9, and then target four or more of the traits. Some trainers can actually cover all seven in a single day.

Full Steam Ahead

For a two-day event, cover the traits of effective writing on day one and focus on the various forms of business writing on day two. On that second day, give participants time to write the various forms, and then use the traits to analyze and discuss their work.