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Whether you teach in a high school, career and technical school, community college, or university, we have writing and communication materials for you.

Our newest book is Write for Work, a practical guide to writing and communicating in the workplace.

Write for Business is an award-winning handbook that promotes effective written and oral communication in business.

All UpWrite Press products are based on the seven traits of effective writing and the writing process.

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Recent Business Studies

National and local surveys demonstrate the importance of writing skills for the workplace. Learn more.

History of the Traits

Trait-based writing instruction began in the 1960s, starting with the work of Paul Diederich. Learn more.

Write for Work
Instructor's Resource

Write for Business
Instructor's Resource

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The Seven Traits of Effective Writing

The seven traits are the qualities of effective business writing. By focusing on each trait, writers can improve their work.

Trait Description
1 Strong Ideas are the capital of business, turning thoughts into profits.
2 Logical Organization ensures that those strong ideas can be understood.
3 Appropriate Voice means the message will be well received by the reader.
4 Precise Word Choice delivers the message most succinctly.
5 Smooth Sentences allow one thought to flow to the next.
6 Correct Copy means that the message is professional and trustworthy.
7 Polished Presentation provides a design that highlights the message.

Once you learn the seven traits, you’ll hold the seven keys to business-writing success.

Teaching Products Designed to Help You

  • Write for Work

    Write for Work


    Write for Work is a practical guide to writing and communicating in the workplace. It's designed for students in 1- and 2-year degree programs or school-to-work programs. This flexible work-text provides extra support for students who struggled with writing in the past. More…

  • Write for Work, Instructor’s Edition

    Write for Work, Instructor’s Edition


    The Write for Work Instructor Edition includes answers to the many writing and grammar activities contained in the Student Edition.

  • Write for Business

    Write for Business


    The second edition of this award-winning handbook features solutions to over 60 common problems in business writing, new chapters on social media and job searching, and much, much more. More…

  • Writing Effective E-Mail

    Writing Effective E-Mail


    This handy guide helps business writers tame the e-mail monster, turning it back into the workhorse of business. With dozens of models and activities, the book helps writers get the most out of e-mail. More…

  • Business and Sales Correspondence

    Business and Sales Correspondence


    This guide targets all forms of business correspondence, from texting to writing formal business letters, sales letters, and proposals. The book also includes many trait-based strategies for improving correspondence. More…


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