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Write for Work
Write for WorkWrite for Work
Write for WorkWrite for Work
Write for Work

Write for Work

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ISBN: 978-1-932436-30-3

Write for Work is a practical guide to workplace writing and grammar, designed specifically for students in one- or two-year programs. This work-text uses the “Company” approach. At the beginning of the book, students profile a company they would like to work for. Then, as they work through the book, students write as employees of the companies they profiled. That way, nursing students write about nursing and welding students about welding.

In the second section of Write for Work, students learn to create the basic forms of business writing: e-mails, memos, letters, summaries, instructions, reports, and proposals. Each form includes concise guidelines and clear models. Practice activities throughout the book prompt students to create their own writing, and charts, diagrams, tips, and special features provide help for visual learners.

In addition to teaching writing, the book also helps students learn crucial interpersonal skills, such as giving and taking criticism, resolving conflicts, and working in groups. Write for Work even helps students land a job. A whole section focuses on career plans, resumes, job-related letters, and interview skills.

The final section of Write for Work teaches the fine points of punctuation, mechanics, usage, grammar, sentences, and sentence errors. A special chapter provides grammar support for multilingual students and English language learners. In this section, each left-hand page includes rules of English and examples that demonstrate the rules. The right-hand pages include practice exercises to help students gain mastery.


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This is a foundational communication skills development course good for all people who intend to enter the workplace. The 'nuts and bolts' of grammar and spelling are nicely integrated into scenarios and writing challenges that they will most certainly face in the workplace. . . . Excellent job creating a very useful resource.

—Jane Griswold, Business & Industry Training Specialist, Madison Area Technical College

I very much like the use of checklists for the various topics. I think those could be used as handouts for students to organize and refer to, not only during this class, but in other courses, as well as the workforce. . . . I think the text is well organized and offers an instructor the ability to reorder how the chapters are used, as well as the ability to combine different chapters to more fully cover the topics at hand.

—Joan M. Visintainer, Instructor, Moraine Park Technical College

I like the company profile. It gives a more realistic approach to writing and gives real world application. . . . I also like that students get lots of opportunities to write. I think practicing is the only way to improve our writing skills.

—Kari Lamoreaux Phillips, MEd, Davis Applied Technology College

About Chapter 1, “Your Company Profile”:

I didn't think it would fit with my approach, but I was amazed at how well it worked. The students loved coming up with their own companies based on their interests. Since they had 'ownership' in the things they were writing, they did a better job. Having a consistent company to work with throughout the book gives focus to the student's work.

About Chapter 5, “E-Mail”:

I love all the good examples . . . Most learners need to have something to look at as a guide. Then having students practice each skill set separately is an added bonus. I like the checklist at the end of the chapter. Just having the checklist would be helpful for any professional who is writing e-mails.

—Jolynn Marie Oliver, Instructor, Mt. Olive Ministries and Northwestern College

Write for Work
Write for WorkWrite for Work
Write for WorkWrite for Work
Write for Work