Custom Training Solutions

Over the past several years we’ve heard a common theme from clients and contacts: “We need a custom solution for our organization’s unique training requirements.” UpWrite Press has heard the demand, and now we offer you the solution.

To discuss how our Custom Training Solutions can work for you, contact Steve Augustyn at 800-261-0637 ext. 27 or

Nine Reasons to Customize Your Training with UpWrite Press

  1. We are content experts.
    Our authors and design team have been creating market-leading curricula for writing, communication, and thinking since 1976. Experience gives us a distinct advantage over the competition.

  2. We use proven, research-based pedagogy.
    Our training content is founded on the Seven Traits of Writing, the Writing Process (prewriting, drafting, revising, refining), and the Framework for 21st Century Learning as defined by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. This research-based pedagogical structure helps trainers and participants to quickly grasp concepts and port them from course to course. The structure also allows UpWrite Press to efficiently customize our materials to any organization’s needs.

  3. Our instructional design is modular.
    Our clear, concise courses have proven to be effective, engaging, and unmatched in the industry. The modular design of our products also allows for greater customization flexibility.

  4. We adapt to your needs.
    Our team collaborates with key stakeholders and training experts within your organization to identify your exact training needs. We can quickly, efficiently, and affordably customize our content to the precise purpose of any organization. These customization options are scalable—from basic changes to existing content, through full development of new and unique course materials.

  5. We collaborate with your experts.
    UpWrite Press is fully staffed to produce the best curricula for writing, communication, and 21st century skills. However, we also have a history of collaborating with subject-matter experts outside of the writing and communication subject area. Our content experts and design teams are fully prepared to collaborate with your organization’s content experts, marketing team, HR team, training experts, and external vendors—whomever you need us to work with.

  6. We offer you cost-effective delivery.
    Working with a variety of third-party organizations, we ensure the most efficient and cost-effective delivery methods. Within the U.S., we deliver course materials through the OfficeMax ImPress business-to-business team. Internationally, we deliver through UPS and FedEx.

  7. We provide you with high value for a low price.
    Our training kits include not only a participant manual and job aid, but also the award-winning Write for Business reference handbook. These materials serve as desktop resources long after training takes place—throughout participants’ careers. Trainer kits contain a facilitator manual and ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation, as well as all of the trainee materials. The value of the content in these kits is unmatched in the industry.

  8. Our training is SCORM and AICC Compliant.
    All of our courses and content can be delivered digitally and integrated into any compliant learning management system.

  9. We are family-owned and family-operated.
    UpWrite Press is owned and operated by the Sebranek/Erickson family, who have been producing top-rate curricula for schools, colleges, and businesses since 1976. Helping individuals and organizations increase their effectiveness through improved writing, communication, critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, and problem solving is our mission.

The Custom Training Solution Process

  1. The key stakeholders at your organization confer with UpWrite Press to determine the exact requirements and learning outcomes for your course.

  2. UpWrite Press produces a proposal based upon that conference.

  3. Your organization’s key stakeholders respond to that proposal and offer any feedback or changes they would like to see.

  4. UpWrite Press creates a first draft of the course content.

  5. Your organization’s key stakeholders respond to the first draft offering feedback and changes.

  6. UpWrite Press revises the course.

  7. Together we pilot the course.

  8. UpWrite Press revises the course content based upon the pilot experience.

  9. UpWrite Press delivers the final content and then adapts the materials for a variety of delivery mediums.